Two Sides of Jack & Misty/Two Sides... One More Time!
Mega Records M31-1009 (Out Of Print) 1972
Archeological Records AR 0806, 2006

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  1. Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain (2:35)
  2. Sweet Memories (2:57)
  3. Rings Of Gold (3:19)
  4. The Shadows Of The Leaves (2:45)
  5. There Must Be More To Life (Than Growing Old) (2:35)
  6. The Legendary Chicken Fairy (2:21)
  7. Miami Sidewalks (2:36)
  8. Fire Hydrant #79 (2:40)
  9. Don't It Make You Want To Go Home (2:27)
  10. If Eggs Had Legs (2:42)
A Misty and Jack Production All songs written by Jack Blanchard and Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI) except: "Sweet Memories": Mickey Newbury Acuff-Rose Music (BMI); "Rings Of Gold": Gene Thomas Acuff-Rose Music (BMI) and "Don't It Make You Want To Go Home?": Joe South Lowery Music (BMI). Billy Sanford - el.guitar Bobby Thompson - guitar/banjo Lloyd Green, Weldon Myrick - steel Henry Strzelecki - bass Larry Londin - drums Hargus Pig Robbins - piano Buddy Spicher, Johnny Gimble - fiddle Charlie McCoy - harmonica The Nashville Edition - backup singers Click here for the original liner notes. (Then click on the album cover to return here.) (NOTE: According to Jack, this album was also distributed overseas on the following labels: RCA, Vic, and Philips.)
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