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For those of you who came in late, here's what you missed...

December 14, 2007... Hey, folks! YFNW wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate!). And speaking of celebrating the holidays, Jack wishes all of you a "Merry Christmas Anyway". He also has a reminiscence about "Recording In The 1960's" which explains why the good old days didn't sound so good. And speaking of things that DO sound good, how about Jack and Misty's new single, "One More Song Together"? It's on Stardust Compilation #70, and (of course), you can hear it on the front page. More to come soon. Merry Christmas, Jerry.
November 19, 2007... Hey there, folks. Still trying to catch up with things around the ol' nest here, so let's see what's up... Rumor has it from a reliable Jack that before the year is out, we may see at least one, maybe two, new CDs of J&M material. Cross your fingers. In the meantime, Jack sends us a remembrance of one of the many unsung session musicians who helped to make him and Misty sound so good, "Bobby Thompson, 1937-2005". In the meantime, for more Jack and Misty music, columns, etc., make it a point to drop by their other official website at myspace.com, www.myspace.com/jackandmisty. More to come soon. I'm gonna go check the larder (does anybody even call it that anymore?) and see how the stuffing/pumpkin pie/ whipped cream supply is holding up. Suffering from turkey burnout, YFNW, Jerry.
November 10, 2007... Hi guys. YFNW here. Just a little reminder. Veteran's Day is this weekend (Sunday, to be specific), so as one to another (as a group, of course!): SALUTE!! And if you happen to see a Veteran, thank them, would you? I'll appreciate it. More to come later...
November 1, 2007... Hey, folks. Jack and Misty are back from vacation, so it's time for another column or two from Jack: "One Flu Over Tennessee" - Not all vacations are 100% perfect... (Oct. 31) "Chicken Dies After Drinking Bottled Water" - Something more for poultry to worry about... More to come soon. YFNW, Jerry.
October 29, 2007... Hi again, folks. Well, your friendly neighborhood webmeister is in the last stages of returning from a flu-induced vacation, so let's get to it, shall we? Just in time for Halloween, Jack has some ideas for "What To Do When You Run Out Of Halloween Ideas" - WARNING: Not for the unadventurous! Speaking of vacations, Jack and Misty have been on one for the past few days as well (sorry about the late notification), but they did send this little notice:


We destroy our song Tennessee Bird Walk just for laughs. You've got to hear this! Click here to listen: http://tinyurl.com/37fyvl This live comedy bit was recorded by somebody in the audience, at a concert we did with a big symphony type orchestra at Disney World...1970's. We completely destroy our song Tennessee Bird Walk, just for fun. MP3'S FOR DJ'S. JUST EMAIL US.
More to come soon. I'm going to phone up our gourmet deli and request a Thera-Flu sandwich. See you later. Jerry.
September 23, 2007... Well hi there, folks. It's officially the first day of fall, and to kick it off, we announce the next great experiment in music: Jack and Misty's digital downloads store at SoundClick. Click on the following picture to go right to it:
More to come soon...
September 18, 2007... Hi folks and OOPS! Somehow or other, we announced the wrong single earlier this week! (Like, you've never done that?) The correct single is "Something On Your Mind", not "One More Song Together"! Sorry about that. But since we hate to waste a good audio file around here, and since we at the birdhouse like this song as well, we're going to make it our audio extra for the rest of the month. (Lee will be sending me an email asking "Audio extra? Since when do we do that?" and Jack and Misty will also be sending me one saying, "Not a bad idea!") We'll have the correct audio on the front page shortly. More news to follow...
September 13, 2007... Hi folks. Still basking in the glow of the latest Mariners win (which have been few and far between lately... but you didn't come here for that). Instead, we direct you to Jack's latest column, all about the evils of money and what some people will do to get it... like, say, play music. You'll see what I mean when you click on the following link: "Getting Paid". And speaking of things that are free, hop on over to our heroes' myspace site (which, as always, is www.myspace.com/jackandmisty) to pick up on more of Jack's views on everything, and - as always - 5 songs to test the computer speakers with. This month, it's a fall motif. Go there and check it out. Your ears will thank me later. More on the way soon. Keep 'em flying! YFNW, Jerry.
September 9, 2007... Hi gang. Sorry I'm late, but webmeister's fatigue seems to be setting in. I think it has something to do with my late nights at work and not getting to the internet in time to update the site. (That's my lame-o excuse, and I'm sticking to it.) So, let's see what there is to catch up on: There's a new link for Jack and Misty's interview with John "Johnno" Nutting of Australia's ABC Radio, and here it is: http://www.abc.net.au/snc/stories/s2019874.htm?backyard. Jack has several new columns, and here they are: "ASong For The Season" - just in time for fall. (Sept. 7); "Herk And The Devil - one helluva tale. (Sept. 2); "Hecklers" - and some well thought out responses. (August 30); and, by popular request, "Why Mastering?" - proving there's more to recording than just turning on the tape machine and letting it roll (Sept. 4). More to come soon. YFNW, Jerry.
August 22, 2007... Greetings again. As you must have gathered by now, Jack can, will, and often does write about everything under the sun... and then some! His latest entry only confirms this once and for all. It's called (and I can't believe I'm even typing this one!) "To Pee Or Not To Pee". If you're as adventurous as I think you are, click the above title link. Also click it if you want a quick laugh. And don't forget there's more Jack and Misty at their myspace site, www.myspace.com/jackandmisty. More to come soon. YFNW, Jerry.
August 20, 2007... Hi everybody. Click this link to hear our interview with John Nutting on ABC radio, Australia, last night (Saturday in Australia)... http://www.abc.net.au/snc/stories/s2019874.htm?backyard

Jack and Misty

August 14, 2007... Hey, gang, YFNW Jerry here. Would you believe it? Jack and Misty recently racked up their 20,000th hit on their MySpace site! When you get the time, go over and celebrate with them. The addy is: www.myspace.com/jackandmisty You'll make them happy, and confuse the heck out of Rupert Murdoch. And speaking of being different, Chairman Jack has some thoughts about "The Trouble With Being Different". Click on that title to get there. More to come soon. Stay tuned! Jerry.
August 8, 2007... Hi again, Birdwatchers. As you may or may not know, one of the best of the esoteric singer-songwriters (and a man to whom Jack has often been compared to), Lee Hazlewood, passed away over the weekend. Jack remembers him in his latest column, "A Last Word". From the early Duane Eddy records, through his work with Nancy Sinatra and beyond... thanks for the music, Lee. More to come soon. Watch this space...
July 25, 2007... Okay. We have some new entries from Chairman Jack, so let's get right to them, shall we? (Oh my, yes...) "Finding Yourself" - possibly the alternative to when somebody tells you to get lost? Possibly; and then, proving that looks, indeed, are not everything, Jack relates an encounter he calls, simply, "The Head Case" - and if there's a better title, we don't know it. While we're at it, the next Jack & Misty single, "Cows" is coming soon on Stardust Records Comp. #68. If you'd like to hear a preview of it now, click this link: http://www.kokosuniverse.com/avi/jm/wma/cows.htm We'll have more to come soon, so stay tuned. YFNW, Jerry.
July 22, 2007... Well, after a week of frustration with our friendly folks at Tripod :P , we're back!! I won't deluge you with all the gory details; let's just say I hope we don't have to go through this kind of nonsense again! Now, for those who missed it earlier... Announcing an offer you just don't get from any old website, folks! Starting immediately, Jack and Misty will personally autograph their CDs. That's any and all, folks, and at no extra charge. And on other matters, Will Campbell weighs in on family values and other meaty topics in an essay entitled "The Day My Cousin Got What Was Coming To Him". Reccomended reading for one and all. More news to come soon...
"TENNESSEE BIRD WALK", the VIDEO: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=2016186745
Guess what... After all this time we have just found our original 1975 recording of a song I wrote in honor of our bovine friends. The song's title is "COWS", and the arrangement is complete with animal sounds. It's been hiding in the bottom of an old steamer trunk for over thirty years, but it sounds even better than we had remembered... and just as weird. We've put it up on the net in case you'd like to hear it. Click here: http://www.myspace.com/jackandmisty If you're lactose intolerant, maybe you'd better not. Jack (& Misty)
June 23, 2007... In the immortal words of Marvin the Martian, "DE-lays, DE-lays!" With that in mind, let me direct you to a couple of Jack's columns of only slightly recent vintage that we didn't get around to posting yet. Jack ruminates on why change is not always a good thing in "A Song For Changin' Times" (which ties in pretty nicely with their current single!); and on a more recent train of thought (derailed), Professor Blanchard astounds us with "Important Scientific Facts", free for the perusal. As always, more to come...
June 6, 2007... Hi, everybody else! Assistant birdkeeper Lee here; just a quick note to say that one of J&M's CDs, "Back In Harmony," is now no longer
available, at Jack & Misty's request. However, you can still get
the rest of their fine CDs here, including their latest,
"Weird Scenes Inside the Birdhouse." May 28th, 2007... Hoping you're all having a safe and happy Memorial Day, folks. It's YFNW Jerry again with the latest news from Birdland. Will Campbell, that sly dog, is back with some more wisdom as only he can dispense it, in his new essay, "Uncle Will On Orlando And Hanky Panky", which certainly gives us food for thought. It's new single time again, and Jack and Misty are slowing the tempo down apace for their latest, "Changin' Times", which you've probably already heard on our front page. And, of course, speaking of Jack and Misty music, they have just 43 copies left of the new Omni import, "Weird Scenes Inside The Birdhouse" - everything you ever wanted from the Epic years, and 5 bonus mp3s to boot! Check our friendly order form for info. As always, salute a veteran tomorrow. Or any day. More to come soon, Jerry.
May 10th, 2007... Hi again, folks! YFNW Jerry here. It just seems like a couple of days ago we were celebrating Jack's birthday, and now we get back to the regular silliness. You don't believe me? Check out Jack's latest report, "The Rabbits That Ate Toronto" for proof. And speaking of weird, remember while you're at it, we've got the new Aussie CD "Weird Scenes Inside The Birdhouse"! Still way ahead of everybody else! Check the order form. More to come....
May 8th, 2007... This time, your friendly neighborhood webmeister is on time for once... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JACK!!! Far be it from us to say how old he is, but Jack? Naaaahhh. Commiserate with him in his new column, "No Sense Lying About My Age Anymore". (When was the last time I used the word 'commiserate', anyway?) Best wishes to our fearless leader! Jerry
April 24, 2007... Now, a very important announcement from Jack and Misty: We just received a box of 50 CD's..."Weird Scenes Inside the Birdhouse" There are 27 full tracks, plus 5 unreleased demos as mp3's. Our price will be $22.95. Limited amount available. We are allotted 50 copies, and when they're gone, they're gone. We will remove the shrinkwrap and autograph them, if requested. -- Jack and Misty It's on the order form! Get a head start on the rest of the country and order it now!
April 22, 2007... Hi, folks. Jack and Misty's new import CD, "Weird Scenes Inside The Birdhouse", is due for US distribution by City Hall Records on May 22! Thought you oughta know. More to come... (Oh, if anybody has a pristine, mint copy of "How I Lost 31 Pounds In 17 Days", could you let me know? sheplives@hotmail.com. April 19, 2007... Hi, folks. Just enough time to mention the new essay from Jack, "Just Another Funny Hat Band In Miami". So much to do, and no time to update...
April 3, 2007... Boy, so much to do, so little time to do it in. Jerry here, and with that intro out of the way, let's get to it. First off, you've heard them for years... but when was the last time you actually saw them? (I am referring, of course, to Jack & Misty.) Feed your J&M video fixation at http://www.youtube.com/jackandmisty! You'll find four videos there for your personal perusal. And speaking of things that come in fours, we have four of the latest columns from our fearless leader. Follow the links to read, in no particular order: "Life Is A Little Nuts", "Music Keeps You Young, "Our Rules For Living", and a tale not for the faint of heart, "The Old Tire Store". (Oh, speaking of all things Floridian, congrats to the Gators!) Be good to yourselves at least once a day. Jerry.
March 20, 2007... Hey, folks. YFNW Jerry here, and before we get going too far here, let me wish a belated Happy Birthday to a very talented artist and close personal sister to at least one of us here, Jack's sister Valerie Armstrong. (Okay, so I'm 4 days late. I didn't find out about it til yesterday, myself!) Hope you had a happy, Val! You hear all sorts of horror stories about the biz we call music, so for once, Jack tells you a little about the other side of the coin in "Good Things About The Music Business". That's all for now. Me, I'm gonna scrounge around and see if there's any more ice cream and cake. (It was my birthday last week, too! Come to think of it, it was also co-webmeister Lee's as well!) And if it's your birthday, have a good one. Jerry.
March 13, 2007... Well, hi, folks, YFNW Jerry here,and if you're here, then obviously our new marquee worked. As for what it's referring to this time, Jack has a theory (but then, he always does [grin]) about a little known facet of making music in Music City. You can find out all about it by clicking on the following link: "Secrets Of The Nashville Number System". All these years and even I didn't know this. Also, by now, you've seen that 45 rpm mousepad on our front page. Cool, huh? Special thanks to our pal Jerry Pippin for this one! We'll have more as the week wears on... er, goes by. (Sorry. I'm having a birthday this week. You know how that goes.) Be good to yourselves at least once a day. Your rapidly greying birthday boy, Jerry.
March 8, 2007... Hi again, friends. YFNW Jerry here, about one week away from turning another year older (modesty prevents me from saying just how old and decrepit I'll be. Let's just say it's a number between 52 and 54 and leave it at that...). In more important news, there's a few more columns by Jack to peruse, so here we go: First, we get a preview of the new Stardust single in "Not Exactly The Blues". Then, a surprising look at family history in "Grandma Was A Gibson Girl", and finally, a remembrance of someone very special, "A Picture Of Ginny". Now, a request from your increasingly gray-headed webmeister. Recently I've been updating the links page and had to remove some that weren't working for one reason or another. Phyllis Dale, if you're reading this (and I hope you are), could you email me your current web addy at sheplives@tripod.com? Thanks. More to come...
March 1, 2007... Once again, it's two months out of the way and ten more to go this year. Jack and Misty make an impassioned plea in Jack's newest column, "Want Ad"; and one of their fans, Tom McCallum, sent a couple of label scans of the very first Blanchard disc, The Dawn Breakers' "The Boy With The Be-Bop Glasses (And The Suede Shoes)"/"The Things I Love". You can see them in the Discology section. Oh, speaking of discs and things like that, this month marks the scheduled release of the new Australian CD, "Weird Scenes Inside The Birdhouse" (again, check the discology); and there's a new Stardust single primed and ready for release. We'd tell you what it is, but, well, you know... We'll have it on our front page soon as it comes out. That's it from the nest for now. Be good to yourselves once a day, and we'll catch you later. All the best, Jerry (YFNW).
February 20, 2007... Hi, folks. YFNW Jerry again, back after the President's Day holiday. Hoping yours was happy. Yesterday, Jack's sister Valerie sent a wonderful item on the 100th birthday of their mother Virginia. Regrettably, I wasn't able to publish it in time (libraries being closed), but it's here now. VIRGINIA BLANCHARD Centennial Celebration Enjoy this remembrance of a most remarkable woman, and thanks, Val, for sending this. (And my apologies for not getting to it until today.)
February 13, 2007... Hi everybody. Just a little news.... You've heard that we sing "End of the Wine in the new Ashley Judd movie "Come Early Morning", but did you know there is a soundtrack CD album from the movie? We're on it with Willie Nelson, Emmy Lou Harris, Merle Haggard, Troy Cook, Billy Joe Shaver, and a cast of millions. :) We just bought one at Amazon. Doesn't sound too bad. Our Reflex Computer Paper TV commercial in Australia has been renewed for another year. We're mastering a great new CD album for our friend Marvin Rainwater. Our second OMNI Records anthology CD will be released next month. It takes our music from 1973 to about 1976, It's called "Weird Scenes Inside the Birdhouse". The tornadoes missed us, but hurt our neighbors. We hope we don't get any more. Traffic has slowed down on our myspace page, so today we put up four of our best songs ever. Besides the music you'll find a slide show, stories videos, and more. You'll find us here: http://myspace.com/jackandmisty. You can also find us at our official home page... http://jackandmisty.com. Jerry has added music, a new photo gallery, the latest dirt, and about four hundred of our stories and columns. Not to mention a whole new look. And, thank you, DJ's, for playing our Stardust Records single "Blues Come In from the Rain". If we don't see you all before then... Happy Valentines Day. Jack & Misty Hey there, hi there, etc. Recently YFNW (that's me) spent a glorious evening FTP'ing files from my flash drive to our home nest here at Tripod, and would you believe it? I discovered a whole slew of Jack's Columns that hadn't been put on the site! I just got through crosslinking them in their respective columns sections, updating the backgrounds, etc. and all that, and now they're ready for your perusal. I'll save you the trouble of trying to find them. Just link on the titles below to catch up on some ancient history: About Indie Artists Harassing DJs, Christmas Enough, Do You Come Here Often?, Entertainers With Opinions, Funny Stuff People Send Me, Good And Bad Sides To Indie Awards, Haiku. What's New?, How Classical Music Was Born, I Didn't Know I Was So Important, I've Been Banned, Judge For Yourself, Lost Time, The Gas Station, The Great Frank Muller, and even a couple of "Other Voices" entries: a quickie from DJ Clay Daniels, Minnie Pearl And Roni Stoneman, and from the gang at Turtle Pond Studios, a Politically Correct Holiday Greeting to (hopefully) end them all! As I was saying, they're slightly older, but none the worse for wear, so get good and comfy... you're going to have a lot of catching up to do! (Thankfully, that's all of the lost columns I could find, so that part of my job is over. I hope.) Also, for you catalog number freaks out there (both of you), I finally dug up the number for "The Early Years '68 - '70" (the private label pressing Jack and Misty had made up of the "Birds Of A Feather" album). It's Earth Records NR3478. The corresponding album and lyric pages have since been updated. Thought you'd like to know. Well, that's it for the updating for (I hope) a good long while. See you again when we have something newer to report. [grin] Watch out for low flying hummingbirds! YFNW, Jerry. February 10, 2007... Hi again, fans and friends. First, YFNW acknowledges a little slip up. In uploading some recent revisions of certain pages, I accidentally included an updated version of this here page. Normally, that wouldn't be much of a problem, but I'd forgotten to cut-and-paste the Feb. 6th entry before doing it. (They're gonna slap me with a wet chipmunk, I just knowit!) My dumb. Fortunately, the "Tornadoes" column has been moved to the 2007 Columns section, so you can still find it there. Oh, speaking of recent columns, since last time we met, Jack has added a couple more items. First, for those who want to know all the tricks about making records, he tells us more than we didn't know about the mastering process in "The Final Step"; and speaking of masters, we recently lost one of the great vocalists of the 20th century, the one and only Frankie Laine. Like many of my generation, I first heard Frankie singing the theme to "Rawhide" on CBS-TV a long time ago, but I never made the connection between that and "Mule Train," "The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams," etc. It wasn't until 1967 and his cover of Leon Ashley's "Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got?)" that I learned the name behind the voice. I remember seeing him on a TV show later that year and saying, "THAT'S Frankie Laine?!? I thought he was younger than that!" (Proof positive that the radio lies, kiddies.) Okay. Flash forward a couple of years. A regional potato chip company started including 45s in their boxes (Records, not bullets... remember when potato chips came in boxes?) Got quite a few discs in my collection that way, including Buddy Holly's "That'll Be The Day" b/w "I'm Looking For Someone To Love" on the Coral label (Dang, I shoulda held on to that one!) Wouldn't you know it, I got a Frankie Laine single then; an obscure ABC Records 45 whose title, "Dammit Isn't God's Last Name" almost guaranteed no radio station in the world would touch it. I liked it, myself. (Should've held on to that one as well...) We're not even including the 'Manhandlers' commercial ("How do you handle a hungry maaaaan? The Manhandlers!"). Of course, it took Mel Brooks to introduce Frankie to a newer generation with the theme from "Blazing Saddles" in 1974. Here's a couple of pieces of trivia I'd better get out before they get forgotten completely. #1: Starting in the 60s, Frankie had his suits made without pockets. Why? He'd recently quit smoking, and this insured that he'd have no place to put the cigarettes. #2: Frankie was the first artist to record the great Barry Mann-Cynthia Weil song "I'm Gonna Be Strong"... several years before a fella named Gene Pitney (another of my heroes) latched on to it and made a hit out of it. Okay. Enough of my memories of Frankie. Jack's got his own, and you can read all about them in "A Brief Goodbye To Frankie Laine". The moral here is, treasure those great vocalists of the past while we still have them, folks. This applies to country as well as pop. Of course, we're not including Jack and Misty, because they're still here and show no signs of slowing down! (Thank goodness for that!) See you all on the "B" side. Jerry.
February 8, 2007... Jack has a column about a song he wrote a long time ago that's come back to haunt us... in a nice way, of course. Check out "A Weird Little Song About Friendship" which you can also find in the lyrics section. Look under "Igor". (Again... just... not... TOO... carefully...)
January 30, 2007... Hi, folks. No sooner do I get the site updated than I get a couple more columns from our fearless leader. (But that's part of the fun.) Jack sums up "American Idol" once and for all; and (brace yourselves,folks!) the undoubtedly redoubtable Will Campbell checks in with some of his "Helpful Hints From Uncle Will". Well, I did warn you, didn't I? [grin] Okay. To recap the music: The new Stardust single is "Blues Come In From The Rain" (which you heard on our front page), which is also on the new import album, "Weird Scenes From The Birdhouse" (see below)... what did I miss? Oh yeah... To those who missed the audio for the last two singles, "Motel Time" and "47 Miles", I apologize. I got all screwed up on the HTML and links. Sorry. But if you still want to hear them online, click on the above titles. You will be rewarded. Well, that's it for now. More to come later. YFNW, Jerry.
January 27, 2007... Well, belated Happy New Year, everybody! Your Friendly Neighborhood Webmeister Jerry here, welcoming you to a brand new year of doin's around the best nest in the west! And if you think I'M overdoing the bird analogies, that's nothing. So is our friend from The Omni Recording Corporation in Australia, David Thrussell (drum roll, please...) Have your first look at the new import-only collection from Omni: How many people are IN this picture, anyway?!? "Weird Scenes Inside The Birdhouse"!! (Click on the cover to learn more.) It's the first ever single-disc collection of Jack and Misty's Epic Records material, and makes a perfect companion piece to 2005's "Life And Death (and almost everything else)." 27 tracks (including three making their CD debut!), some classic essays by our fearless leader, and (here comes what's referred to in the ad game as 'the big selling point'): 5 PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED .MP3s!!! Yes, you read that right! We said "mp3's"! So all in all, it's 32 tracks! (Those lucky Australians get everything!) We'll let you know if any copies become available our way (Come on, David... pleeeeease!)(ahem...) Oh, after you're through checking out the info on this CD, scroll a little further down and check out our updated Albums grid. And since this is a new year, what would it be without some new musings from Jack? Awfully darn dull, that's what! Check out "Well-Meaning Idiots" and "Time Flies When You're Having Life", the inaugural entries in the 2007 section of Jack's Columns. And the revamps just keep on comin'. We're now up to (Gasp!) 90 lyrics in the Lyrics section (!!), and nearly every one of them is cross-referenced in the Albums section (well, those that are actually on albums, at least). But wait! There's MORE! Check out the additions to the Photo Gallery while you're at it. Speaking of revamps, I've been quietly (when time and circumstance allow, that is) updating a small piece of info all over the site, but constantly fighting the Tripod FTP program is a pain. Sooo... if anybody knows of an online search-and-replace HTML editor that will allow your harried webmeister to do this quicker (if one exists!), I'd sure appreciate it. Send an email to sheplives@hotmail.com (subject heading: Search and Replace), and we'll see what happens. (Or, you can use "Search and Destroy" and I'll still know what you're talking about...) [And while we're on the subject, we still need some 300x300 and 125x125 scans (.jpg preferred) of the cover for Sweet Memories, if anybody has them! Send 'em to the same email addy.] Okay, I think that's just about everything for now. Enjoy the website, and as always, be good to yourselves at least once a day. Jerry.
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