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(Title of a published email letter.)

I just got a long email chain letter, written by religious people,
saying that we Americans are guilty of chasing God away,
allowing the September 11th massacre.
I'm not happy about God being used in this way.

God, according to this letter, went away mad
because we didn't follow the beliefs of their religion:
We took prayer out of the schools, they say.
I didn't do that.
You probably didn't.
Was it the victims?

Then they go into:
Abortion/women's choice,
Dr. Spock,
Banning school spankings,
Dirty words in the media,
and a number of other things they have been fighting for years.

I respect their beliefs, and don't necessarily disagree with all of it.
I do NOT think the terrorist tragedy should be used to promote them. 
This is a form of cruelty to a suffering people.

I am not an atheist, so don't send me mail on that line.

I just don't believe we are the cause
of the murder of 6,000 innocent Americans,
regardless of what the preachers would have us believe.
Our people have enough to cope with in these times,
without a load of guilt being piled on them by professional guilt-pilers.

Personally, I don't think He deserted us.
It's just a matter of free will,
and some really evil religious fanatics from the mid-east.
Let's put the blame where it belongs.
And let's be nice to each other.

Just my opinion.

Jack Blanchard

Copyright  October 30, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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