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"Whatever Works For You"

I may be wrong, but it seems like a lot of holier people 
think everybody else is not in contact with God. 

Maybe it's because we're quiet about it. 
Maybe we're doing our praying in our closets, 
the way it was suggested. 

They don't seem to think we're pious enough 
if we don't always agree with their positions on politico- moral issues. 

I am for women's choice, 
which is not a popular belief among certain groups. 
I am not for casual abortion 
(if there is a woman anywhere who would say it's casual, 
under any circumstances). 

We never had organized prayer in my school or Misty's. 
I wouldn't protest against it, 
but I think you can still grow up OK if you pray in a private, unregimented manner. 
The majority of kids and teachers in my schools were Jewish, which I'm not. 
They never tried to make me say Jewish prayers. 

I was never spanked as a child. 
Our family TALKED to each other. 
Also hardly any yelling. 
I was a pretty good kid, 
and wanted to be well thought of by my parents and teachers. 
So, how can I demand corporal punishment for children? 

The idea of separation of church and state has its merit. 
I wish they had it in Afghanistan. 

I don't drive around with a fish symbol on my car, 
or a Jesus bumper sticker, like a lot of folks here. 
If I'm confident in my relationship with my higher power,
I don't think I need to flaunt it, or evangelize, 
or question other people's private spiritual life. 

I don't trust some preachers and organized religions. 
There is too much money and power involved. 

And most of all, I don't expect to change anybody's mind. 
I don't want to. 
Whatever works for them is OK with me, 
until it pushes too hard against others. 

Copyright  October 31, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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