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"We Liked Napster"

We never made any real money on royalties
paid to us by major labels,
although they've sold millions of our recordings.
I doubt if any artists do.

The record companies charge everything to the artist,
and still the company owns the masters.
Even though the artists paid for it all!

The only money the artist makes is from personal appearances,
generated by the recordings.

The first time I ever looked at Napster was last year.
I found about a hundred of our recordings on there.
It didn't hurt us.
It was getting the music out to the people,
which was more than the labels were doing.
Napster helped keep our name alive,
after the labels forgot us.

We should feel sorry for the huge conglomerate labels?
Yeah, sure.
They have too much power as it is.
A handful of corporate programers decide what will be played.
They control a whole art form.
Don't worry about the big shots.
They'll survive.

We're happy to let the people have our music.
That way we have an audience out there to play to.

Copyright  July 25, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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