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"Thinning Out The Herd"

Every time I send out 100 of my controversial articles, 
I get back 200 unsubscribes, and an obscene singing telegram.
I believe this is just God's way of thinning out my mailing list... 
eliminating the weak and faint hearted.

When some people read my opinions, they take umbrage. 
In fact they up their doses of umbrage! 
It should be a controlled substance. 
"Just say no to umbrage".

I think country music should grow. 
New ideas should be allowed to happen. 
Roger Miller said: "Let's not put a fence around it."

Some bad painting can't ruin the art world. 
An Edsel can't ruin the car business. 
The crap coming out of Nashville can't ruin country music. 
Country music is still there.

Maybe you don't like drums in country music. 
The Opry wouldn't allow them for a long time. 
Some people don't like string sections, 
and point to Ray Price as the culprit who ruined country music. 

A record made should use whatever instruments and 
arrangements go best with the song! 
Who made up all these rules anyway?

The essence of country music doesn't depend on using or 
not using a steel guitar or a symphony orchestra. 
It's the voices, the songs, the feeling.

The artist should not be intimidated by narrow-minded rules. 
The artist should not be afraid to try anything that feels right. 
The artist should be free to create.

I'm definitely not saying country should go pop, 
or any other style, but growth is good. 
Country music itself evolved from other roots, 
Celtic, for instance. 
Then through The Singing Brakeman combination of country, 
blues, and dixieland, to the variety we have now.

I don't think any music should depend too much on videos. 
If it's good, it should be good enough as music and words. 
Some really ugly people have been great singers.

I hate karaoke. 
It takes jobs away from musicians, and does nothing creative. 

I wish people would hire bands instead of DJs for the same reason.

I've been taking part in an email discussion of the Carson Robinson song 
"Life Gets Tejus". 
Nobody is sure how to spell it.

I'm fairly sure that Tejus was a Greek philosopher who annoyed everybody.

Like me.

Copyright  March 30, 2001 by Jack Blanchard, All rights reserved.


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