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"The Last Letter"


This will be my last mail to one or two people. 
But first, this: 

Misty and I aren't very political. 
We're not too crazy about either major party 

We live in a city where there is only one newspaper, 
a Republican one. 
We are sort of Democrats on most issues, 
but every day for many years I have turned to the OpEd page 
to see the political cartoon. 
It always portrays Democrats as grotesque buffoons, 
but I read it because I like humor, 
and sometimes it's funny! 

I recently sent out a picture somebody sent to me 
that was kind of funny. 
If humor isn't your thing, trust me: It was. 
I often publish things to make people smile, 
in what might otherwise be a rough day. 
This picture shows three Republican leaders as The Three Stooges. 
If the subjects had been Democrats it would have still been just silly humor. 

I'm not comfortable around hypersensitive people. 
You can't have any fun if you're always worried about them 
jumping down your throat for something you said to lighten things up. 
That's no way to live. 

To those who have read some kind of political statement 
into a picture of three guys with funny hair, 
I'll miss you. 
It's too bad. 
But humorless folks don't want to be around me anyway. 
I say something funny every three minutes. 
It's my nature. 
You wouldn't like it. 

To my many Republican friends: 
Keep sending me your Clinton jokes. 
I enjoy them if they're funny. 

Keep smiling! 

Copyright  June 24, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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