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"Singles Versus Albums In The Indie Market"

It doesn't seem like singles count as much as they used to.
In the indie field we're dealing with very fluid "playlists",
as opposed to "charts" where you work your way up.
With playlists, you're #1 one day, and off the next.
They change every day.

I think a lot indie popularity is due to cumulative airplay,
rather than hot singles.
There are about 30 of our tracks getting play out there,
which puts us in the "most played" category.
It may take some impact away from the singles,
but so far it hasn't hurt us.
At least I don't think it has.

On the other hand:
If we had a single coming out on a major label,
the picture would change.
I'd say: Hold the album.
Don't do anything to hurt the single.

We've put out 4 CDs and about a dozen singles in the past year,
on several labels.
In the American major label market that is unheard of.

We have a variety of product for a buyer to choose from,
and for the DJs to play.
A catalog.

Some people who like an artist's music want everything they can get.
Sales can be pretty good by just keeping a presence on the net,
and selling CDs off a web page.
But, a hit? I don't know.

This cybermusic thing is new to us all,
and it's probably still changing as I write.
The old rules don't count,
and nobody knows what the new rules are.

Copyright  November 22, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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