Rusty And The Cowboys

Rusty And The Cowboys don't play here anymore
They took their picture down from the wall out by the door
They tried their best to play requests
Put their hearts in every song
Now Rusty And The Cowboys are gone

Rusty went to Nashville
I heard somebody say
Curly moved to Macon
Or someplace down that way
Clyde's out selling siding
But he hasn't made a sale
Buck went back to drinkin'
And Jack went back to jail
(Repeat chorus)

There's a new bunch up there singin' now
But I don't know their names
The register's still ringin'
And the crowd's about the same
But Rusty And The Cowboys
Had everything it takes
And I think they might have made it
If they'd only got the breaks
(Repeat chorus twice)

Words and music by Jack Blanchard. Copyright  Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI). 
All rights reserved. Reprinted by kind permission of the author. 

Discology Single: WHP Records (number unknown) 2002 Album: A LITTLE OUT OF SYNC (Velvet Saw VSCD 0801, 2001)


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