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"Religion And Politics"

We've been getting email urging us to join in efforts that we haven't told anybody we're 
for or against. They just presume that we think like them, and we might agree. We're just 
not telling. We like to keep our focus on music, stories, art, humor, and friendships.
The following is a reply I sent to one that was addressed to "Dear Christian" (My name is 

"Dear Sir,

Thanks for thinking of us, but your recent emails do not draw the response from us that 
you are seeking.

We may or may not be Christians. We seldom discuss it with people we don't know. We do 
not get involved in disputes such as you propose, even though we may agree with you.

Ours is primarily a music, art, and story effort. If you have anything in that line, please 
feel free to contact us.


    Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan"

Misty is Catholic and I'm Protestant. We try to be helpful to people who come into our 
lives. If Misty were Islamic and I were Jewish, we'd do the same. I don't think any group 
has a patent on what's right or wrong.

As I said in an earlier writing: Let the guy who has not sinned pass the first stone.

This kind of stuff really thins out my mailing list.

* * *

"Postscript to 'Religion And Politics'"

Recently we signed and forwarded petitions against animal cruelty, and abuse of women in 
third world countries. We are against mistreatment of anybody. 
     - Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan.

Copyright  March 28, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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