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"Quite A Guy" 
(An epilogue to "Picture At A Railroad Station")

Yesterday I wrote a true story about my father: "PICTURE AT A RAILROAD STATION". 
Today I got this note from my cousin Donna, who was a child when we were. These are 
little interactions she had with my dad. I'm glad she sent them because they are typical 
of him. 
When she refers to "a little girl" she means herself, of course:

"I have a few memories of my own. In brief:

  • One winter day when he remembered to swing by to pick up another little girl for a ride in the magical horse drawn sleigh, complete with lap rugs and bells;
  • One Christmas day when that same little girl spotted a Shirley Temple doll on skis, waiting under a Christmas tree on the sun porch;
  • And another Christmas when I did my own shopping and bought him a pocket comb (He was pretty bald by then), which he carried proudly in his shirt pocket, and each time I looked at him he pulled it out and combed his "hair" with a flourish;
  • A Hallowe'en when he gave us soap to soap his own windows so we wouldn't get in trouble with the neighbors;
  • And another "poor" year when he bought a huge grocery bag of fireworks for a wondrous display;
  • And another Christmas when I shopped again and bought him a shiny red plastic see- through mechanical pencil with an eraser on the end... again, carried in his pocket.
Yup, memories. There are more... These are just a few from a short person's perspective." (Donna Blanchard Kinder) ****************************************************************************** From a grown up point of view, I hope I hear more of these. Thanks. Copyright April 17, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All Rights Reserved.


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