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"No More UFO Stories"

I will never write another article about UFO's. 
I will avoid even mentioning them. 
I will look at people funny who do. 

I'm getting email from more nuts than the national census can account for. 
There is nobody home in the woodwork. 

I find myself on radical mailing lists. 
I'm getting insulting "REMOVE ME." messages 
from people I've never sent anything to. 
They think I'm in on it. 
I feel sorry for the F.B.I.. 

I've received numerous emails with HUNDREDS of names on the "To" list. 
There is a squirrel or two in that bunch of names. 
They are causing the mess, 
and the rest of us all suspect each other. 

I think a lot of them are conspiracy buffs. 
I say this: 
If government conspiracies are all around us, 
where do I go to sign up with the government? 

One thing about computers: 
They're keeping a lot of weirdos off the streets. 

I have to go now. 
I'm expecting an email from Big Foot. 

Copyright  July 17, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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