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"My UFO Sighting"

I laughed at UFO stories, until I saw them.

I was on a busy street corner in North Tonawanda, New York.
It was rush hour, and it was a bus stop,
so there were a lot of other people there.
We all saw them.

Three UFOs streaked to the center of the sky, and stopped.
They were saucer shaped,
but not horizontal, like you see in the pictures.
They were on end, like hub caps rolling along.
They glowed orange/silver as though they were reflecting a sunset,
but the sun wasn't setting.

They took off suddenly, from zero to top speed instantly,
went almost to the horizon over the trees,
made an abrupt right angle turn without slowing down,
and shot out of sight.

The people I knew who saw them at the same time
talked about it for a couple of weeks,
and then started not to believe their own memories.
I made up my mind to hang on to the memory,
and I have.

I don't have any opinions about Bigfoot,
and I don't want to be in The Globe.
I just know what I saw.

Copyright  July 10, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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