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"Johnny's Run-In With Some Fans"

Johnny Russell once told Misty and me this: 

He was playing in Vegas. 
He was in his hotel room when two guys burst in, 
grabbed him, put him on the bed and tied his hands and feet. 
Then they started to go through his wallet and belongings, 
taking everything. 

After they robbed him of everything they could get, they asked him for an autograph! 

Johnny had a gag in his mouth, but managed to get across that he
couldn't sign anything with his hands tied. 

Before they left, the robbers said: "We just want you to know we're fans of yours. This is
nothing personal." 

Even though we didn't see him often, 
he was a good guy and we liked having him in the world. 
Jack & Misty 

Copyright  July 5, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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