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"It's A Weird World"

At the grocery store you can't get a pound of coffee.
The containers are smaller at a higher price.
But you can get a pound of oranges.
They used to go by the dozen.
Expensive shoes are made so the soles wear out first,
and you can't replace them.
Electronic equipment is obsolete before you get it home.
Newspapers are smaller.
You need a magnifying glass for the comics,
which have also deteriorated in substance from the days of Pogo.

Auto makers have replaced bumpers with "Crumple Zones".
An added attraction that allegedly lets your car crumple instead of you.

They talk in rhythm with a drum machine and call it music.

They pass out condoms in high school.
I think that's about 16 years too late.

Copyright  April 2, 2001 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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