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"It's A Joke, Son!"

Here's what I sent out earlier today.


I got some some porno in the mail the other day. 
I didn't ask for it. 

I just deleted it...after some thought. 

Jack Blanchard 


A number of people wrote and told me 
they got a smile out of it, 
which was the whole point. 
Then I got this: 

I've never been the brightest candle on the cake, but usually I can figure most 
puzzles out...this one I can't. what exactly is the point? Is this directed at me? 
If so, enlighten me. If it regards the last email I sent you, then I'm sorry if 
I offended you by sending something concerning Republicans. However, I wouldn't 
consider that porno. Perhaps you would. I don't know. Please let me know exactly 
what you mean by your attached email, so that the air might be clear. Thank you. 

Holy crap! How do I respond to this? 
How do you explain humor? 


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