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"Inventiveness And Style"

It's strange, but Misty and I were among the first innovators in country music. 
We constantly added new and different things, and experimented 
with instrumentation, rhythms, and story lines. 
We write and record what we enjoy, and hope the public does, too. 

We make records for people who like Jack and Misty records. 
I think the listener can hear the fun we're having in our sessions. 
Overdubs are a rarity. 
We like to have all the pickers and singers there at the same time, like a party. 
They inspire each other. We are for pushing the envelope, but gently. 
If you're not careful you can tip it over, and it becomes something else. 

I have an imaginary friend who is such a country music purist 
that he wants it all acoustic: 
No drums, strings, horns, or anything else, 
even if it's done with taste and respect for the art form. 
He's still mad at Tom T. Hall for using a trumpet on "Clayton Delaney". 

He doesn't seem to know that Jimmy Rodgers, The Singing Brakeman, 
a pioneer of country music, used clarinets and other dixieland type instruments. 
My imaginary friend has never forgiven us for using a Wah-Wah pedal 
on "Tennessee Birdwalk". I suppose we should have used live chickens. 

He hates change, even if it's good. 
Boredom makes him feel safe. 
His whole collection consists of just one record, 
which has all the chords and instruments he feels should be there. 

It's odd that we seem to be on the other side of the argument now. 
I think it's because we feel that main stream country music has stagnated, 
and we'd like to return to the era of inventiveness and style. 

Copyright  May 11, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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