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"Hawks And Doves"
(Excerpt from an email conversation between Jack Blanchard and a friend overseas.)


As to the response to the terrorism we've had here:
Of course I want vengeance. I'm human.

But, in the real world, what I want
is to prevent this from happening again and again.

Americans have the habit of being good guys in white hats.
The terrorists don't really think we'll stoop to their level of behavior...

but we'd better, if we hope to survive.
We have to act as dirty, and maybe even as crazy as they are.
That will get their attention.

I went to high school in a city where there were gang wars,
and I had to fight almost every night.
I found that letting the enemy think I was nuts helps.
I've found that works with drunks, as well.
Also I learned that if you are Mr. Nice Guy and turn the other cheek,
they will hit you in that other cheek.

I actually heard a cleric on TV tonight preaching forgiveness for the evil
maniacs who killed thousands of our innocent neighbors!
I don't buy that.
I believe our government should "eliminate" these enemies,
and anyone, or any country, that harbors or helps them.

I'm long winded tonight. Forgive me.
It may be the tension here. Nobody is acting just right.

We're doing a show tomorrow.
It won't be easy, with the prevailing mood,
but we'll try to get their minds off it for a little while.

Hilsen Jack

Copyright  Sept. 15, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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