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"Hå Fin En Dag!"

I'm trying to learn languages in case we get a (hint-hint) 
booking in Europe (wink-wink). 
We can already speak Australian with an American accent, 
so we're OK there.
If anybody can teach me a few words in other languages, 
please give it a shot. 
I'm a willing pupil, 
even though I can't understand half of what's said at our local Walmart, 
much less rap records, which I assume are in English.

Forgive me if I said something dirty 
in my attempt at Norwegian at the top of this page. 
I hope I didn't say "Bite me" or something else embarrassing. 
I was trying to say "Have a nice day". 
Or, as we say in German: "Guten Tag!" 
(Ha-ha. I'm getting good! I even type without an accent!)

We've been in Orlando too long, and should be up for parole. 
We've paid our debt to society, 
and now we want to go out and run up another one. 
We want to see a mountain, a desert, a strange face: 
Even stranger than our neighbors.

So send us some good words, 
or a booking contract, 
or a cake with a file in it.

We want to go over the wall.

Guten abend.

Hilsen, Jack Blanchard (und Misty Morgan).

Copyright © April 20, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All Rights Reserved.


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