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"Friends Around The World"

I think we've formed as many friendships in our half year 
on the internet as during the many years before. 
We feel close to some, 
as though we've known them all our lives. 

I'm forwarding one of the many letters we receive every day, 
but a special one, from a special guy: Alex Cullum. 
Alex is a Scot, who lived in Vegas, Paris, the Mid-East, and now Norway. 
His life story should be a book. 
He's been to exotic places, and had rare adventures. 
When he sends us the bits and pieces, I lock them away in my files. 
He considers himself an ordinary person. 
Far from it! I print out his letters, 
and Misty and I read them to each other over coffee at the kitchen table. 
Here's the letter we got from Alex this morning: 

Subject: Friends around the world.
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 12:32:09 +0200
From: "Alex Cullum" 

I am constantly overwhelmed by the 'niceness' of country folk. People I have never met 
and most probably (with my life expectancy) never will ... write to me as though I am 
a member of their family... and I am just an ordinary person. So I can understand why 
people want to mark their affection for Misty and yourself. You are artists... 
you bring joy to thousands of people. Your words ... words that you have written ... 
give a happiness to your fans that cannot be obtained in any other way. Maybe some of 
them are like myself ... handicapped ... and find some things difficult to do, but we 
can listen. Who in their right mind could not be moved by 'Just one more song'. 
Who could refuse that inward smile when confronted with 'Tennessee Bird Walk' . 
For many of us ... you both, are the light at the end of the tunnel. You both help us 
to face, what sometimes is a difficult day. So just keep on, keeping on. If all else 
fails in life ... your fans know that 'Jack and Misty' are there, maybe not for ever... 
but your songs and music will be ... Thank you to you both for being exactly who you 
are ... 'Jack and Misty' ... 

Hilsen Alex. 

From Jack and Misty to Alex, our friend: 
Thank you. 

Copyright  June 5, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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