Do-Or-Die Romance

A Do Or Die Romance, 
That's what we've got. 
Shakespeare wrote a lot about it. 
I don't recall just what. 
We got a Do Or Die Romance, 
you and I: 
I'd rather do it, and you'd rather die. 

We got a love/hate relationship 
goin' on. 
Oprah says it's a very common 
We got a love/hate relationship, 
anyone can see. 
I love you, and you hate me. 

We're just part time lovers, 
and that's the truth. 
It happens all the time. 
Ask Doctor Ruth. 
We're part time lovers... 
Show all the signs. 
I wish you were doin' your part, 
and you wish I was doin' time. 

It's a stop and go affection, 
that's one thing I know. 
You wish I'd stop, 
and you also wish I'd go. 
A give and take partnership, 
that's what it's like 
I wish you'd give, 
and you wish I'd take a hike. 

(Then keep repeating the title 
until somebody buys the record.) 

Words and music by Jack Blanchard. Copyright  2001, Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI).
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by kind permission of the author.


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