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"Dear Recording Artists"

(An email I got today, and my response.)

Dear Jack,

Since we are artists, radio promotors, record labels etc...
is it better to let someone else promote?
Can you please offer your expertise in this area?
It seems very grey!
In other words, we don't want to get black listed by the dj's.

* * *

Dear recording artists,

I don't think so.

Promoters are good, but expensive,
and this is just about a non-profit field.
(Now I'll get angry mail from promoters.
Hey, Guys! I wish I could still afford you.)

My advice is this: Don't worry so much about sensitive DJs.
Most of them are pretty nice.
Picky people: Who needs 'em?
I've disagreed with a couple of DJs,
and after a while they went back to playing our stuff,
and we became friends.
They are just people, like us.
Sometimes the best relationships start off with a disagreement.

You can't please everybody.
If you try, you come out bland.
Somebody said:
"There is no such thing in the known universe
as fun for the whole family."
I'd rather be controversial than be ignored.
If your work is good, it will be recognized.
Yours is good.

I get flack every day, mostly about opinions I express in my articles.
I get a little put out about it, but it won't stop me.
I'd rather have a few mad at me
than not be notice by anybody.

In short: Just toughen up. You don't have to be so humble.
(I'm not capable of maintaining that level of humility.)
You work hard at your talent.

We're all equals here.


Jack Blanchard

Copyright  November 9, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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