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I don't think about bananas that much, but today I can't stop.

Here's what I know about them:

We had a banana tree in our yard,
and I was surprised to find that the bunches, as heavy as they are,
grow pointing upward.

They say bananas are a waste of time.
Once you peel them and throw the bone away,
there's nothing left to eat.
I don't know about that.
Personally, I think the bone is the best part.

There is a five minute period in the life of a banana
when it is perfect for eating.
This never happens when anybody's looking.

There was a well known commercial where Chiquita Banana lied to us.
She told us: "Never put bananas in the refrigerator".
Bananas do fine in the frig.
They just wanted us to let them spoil so we'd buy more.

Bananas may be the perfect food.
Look at an ape.
And they come in a stylish yellow package!

I always thought that the song:
"Hey, Mister Tallyman, tally me banana"
was in questionable taste.

For some reason,
the word "bananas" makes me think of the Cartwrights.

The people who live in banana republics;
Are they Banana Republicans?

Copyright  December 10, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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