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Dalton Roberts wrote: "No matter what Mama and Papa or teachers 
or other authority figures want you to do as a lifework, 
you will only prosper doing your work in your way." 

Funny, Misty and I have been talking about this lately. 
In my case, I was an honor student through grammar school. 
After a couple of years in high school, 
I became a screwed up semi delinquent, 
and was expelled from one school after another. 
I later taught a Music Theory college course. 

The thing was, I had no interest or aptitude for algebra and geometry, 
and they were mandatory. 
I began to get failing marks, 
which I knew were going to prevent me from graduating, 
much less becoming an honor student again. 
I came to hate school. 

Trying to force feed me algebra and geometry 
ruined my chance of a further formal education. 
Oddly, later I read calculus books, with interest, on my own. 

The irony is: 
I've never once in my whole life had a single reason to use algebra or geometry! 

Force feeding courses in opposition to a child's aptitudes should be ended. 

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