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"All Twirl And No Merle"

Don't get me wrong. I like Austin City Limits, and other TV shows where the music is the thing,
but the visually elaborate videos and TV shows like the awards deal last night are just: 

  • Eye Candy.
  • All Sizzle and No Steak.
  • All Hat and No Cattle.
  • All Fluff and No Stuff.
  • All Bark and No Bite.
  • All Sale and No Soul.
  • All Strings and No Fiddles.
  • All Twirl and No Merle.
  • As Useful As A Helium Filled Bra.
  • Dazzling You With Their Footwork.
  • Scams.
HEY, KIDS!!! VIDEO IS NOT PART OF THE MUSIC!!! Music is for the ears, and hopefully the brain. The flash is to cover up a lack of content. Fans of the new plastic country, check this out: Try listening with your eyes closed. If you still think it's great, go forth, but don't multiply. For the acid test, close your eyes and listen to a Don Gibson record, or Roger Miller, or any of the other great country artists. Then get back to me. The slogan for last night's awards show should be: "Admit it. We've got you fooled!" I admit it. I don't love it. Copyright May 10, 2001 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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