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A Blast from the Past:


(As recorded by (Prof.) Terrell Jones on Stop ST 361 (1969))

'Cause the sun don't shine in Old Orange County Jail,
Ain't got a dime to make my bail
Well I drank a little wine in a barroom on the old Orange Blossom Trail,
Now they tell me that I'm in Old Orange County Jail.

Oh, they took my ring, they took away my tie,
They said I tried to take a life
Sunny breezes blow on the outside, and here it's dark and stale
'Cause the sun don't shine in Old Orange County Jail.

Well in nine more days, I'm gonna make my plea,
They're gonna take my freedom away from me
I'll be singing at the song of a road gang and lookin' so weak and pale
'Cause the sun don't shine in Old Orange County Jail.

(fade out)
Yeah, the sun don't shine in Old Orange County Jail
'Cause the sun don't shine in Old Orange County Jail
No, the sun don't shine in Old Orange County Jail...

Words and music by Jack Blanchard.
Copyright Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI). All rights reserved.
Reprinted by kind permission of the author.

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