The Lonely Sentry (1965)

Recorded by Rusty Diamond with Maryanne Mail (Misty)

The night is cold and windy, and the rain keeps coming down
(Or are they teardrops?)
I hear the sound of distant guns a-rumblin' all around
(Or is it thunder?)
I wonder if that sniper out there has me in his sights
(Or is it your imagination?)
A lonely sentry walks his post tonight

What happened to the world I knew?
It seems like yeaterday
(Or is it a year?)
What happened to the girl I left
A million miles away?
(Is she true?)
I wonder if that sniper out there thinks his side is right
(Just keep moving)
A lonely sentry walks his post tonight

A sound of muddy boots approaching somewhere in the dark
(Or is it your heart pounding?)
A frightened shout, a shot rings out, a bullet finds its mark
(Who dies?)
Somewhere a flare lights up the sky and in that flash of light
(Who is it?)
The sniper stares up at the rain tonight

Forgive me, Lord, I never meant to kill another man
(That doesn't bring him back)
I never asked to use this gun, they put it in my hand
(Does that make you feel better?)
The rain comes down, the war goes on, and whether wrong or right
(Will morning ever come?)
A lonely sentry walks his post tonight

(I sure hope it stops raining...)  

Words and music by Steve Fenner and Jack Blanchard. Copyright  Jack Blanchard
Songs (BMI). All rights reserved.

DISCOLOGY 45: Starday 747 (1965) LP: COUNTRY MUSIC GOES TO WAR - Starday CD: NASHVILLE SPUTNIK - The Deep South/Outer Space Productions of Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan 1956-2004 The Omni Recording Corporation OMNI-115 (2008)


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